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Laurence Paquette

My name is Laurence,
I'm a millennial,
I'm a mom,
I'm a corporate eXECUTIVE,
I'm queer,
I'm an Expat,
and I'm Neurodivergent.

I have spent over a decade in the corporate world climbing the ladder in an industry that is heavily male dominated. In recent years, I have discovered that I'm neurodivergent and I have spent a lot of time understanding how it affects me and how to balance living the life I live as a executive, as a mother, as a partner all while being in the spectrum.

I’m a firm believer that all workplaces should be inclusive and that everyone should feel safe to be their whole true self at work.This site aims at creating awareness around diversity and neurodiversity in the corporate world as diversity can take all shape and forms. Additionally, being neurodiverse should not prevent people from working corporate jobs and reaching their career goals. 

On this site, I document my journey as a millennial neurodivergent leader and mother. I share my experience unmasking my differences as a 40 years old corporate executive and I provide resources for other people working in the business and corporate world.

Being your true self at work
In the fall of 2022, I was asked to speak in front of the top 300 Vice Presidents and Executives of the company I work for to discuss the importance of inclusion in the workplace so that everyone can be safe being their true sefl at work. Watch the speech I gave here below:

Recent blog posts

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More about me

Vice President, Global Head of Marketing at Vestas | Mom of 2 & Spouse | Queer | Renewables | Millennial | Mentor | Feminist | Mental & Physical Health | Neurodivergent | Expat/Immigrant | Swiftie | 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 🏳️‍🌈 🇨🇦 🇩🇰


👋 📣 I’m a leadership, organisational psychology and employee experience enthusiast, I’m a business leader with +15 years experience in Business, Marketing, Communication and Strategy, I’m a mentor for marketing professionals and for startup and I’m a geek with 40 years experience as a total tech nerd.


🌍 website:


📹 TikTok:

📸 Instagram: @Laurence.paq


⭐ I love to write, create videos and share experiences about leadership across all social media platforms. I mentor startup entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to help them succeed with their business. I believe in leading with empathy and I care deeply about people. I love to engage and connect with others as well as I love to mentor and coach people to help them grow and unleash their potential. I am a strong advocate for inclusion and belonging in the workplace and I firmly believe in purposeful work. I believe the workplace needs to be inclusive and make room for everyone and that people in the spectrum (like me) can also find their place in the corporate world.


🌎 I was born in Montreal, Québec (Canada 🍁), living as an expat in Denmark since 2006. 🇩🇰

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