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🌟I'm an autistic leader🔓

Updated: Mar 25

In this short video, I open up about my journey as a neurodivergent individual rising through the ranks in the corporate world. And I do so because I want to talk about the misconception that success hinges on conformity, sharing the immense pressure I've felt to fit in. Despite my neurodivergence and being on the autism spectrum, I've worked tirelessly, masking aspects of myself to conform to societal norms. But it's time to shed light on this hidden part of me. I proudly declare my autism, believing it's crucial to challenge the stigma surrounding neurodiversity. Through my story, I aim to show that being neurodivergent isn't a barrier to success; it's a unique advantage. Join me as I advocate for more inclusive workplaces where everyone's differences are celebrated, not stifled.

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