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I am on a mission to help others be their whole TRUE self everywhere IN LIFE AND at work.

Born in Montréal, raised in Québec City, now living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hi, my name is Laurence, I’m a millennial corporate executive, I’m queer, I’m a mom, I’m an expat and I’m neurodivergent, which I only discovered as an adult over the last few years. And I have been spending a lot of time understanding my differences, who I am when I unmask and how to balance living the life I live and being in the spectrum.

I created this site to document my experience unmasking my differences as a 40 years old corporate executive and to provide resources for other people in the business and corporate world. 

In addition, I'm a leadership and employee experience enthusiast, a digital nerd and a huge fan of podcasts. I believe in leading with empathy and I care deeply about people. I love to engage and connect with others as well as I love to mentor and coach people to help them grow and unleash their potential.

I am a strong advocate for inclusion and belonging in the workplace and I firmly believe in purposeful work. I believe that the employee experience should be a core priority in any workplaces and that any employee should be able to be their whole true self at work, at all times.


I am a writer, a mother, a wife to my wife, a fitness junky, an organisational psychology devotee, a Marketing Vice President, Employee Experience Enthusiast, D&I poster child and a renewable energy ambassador.

I love to write and create videos. It helps me think.



Laurence Paquette on stage
Key highlights
Key highlights:
  • +15 years experience across Market Research, Marketing, Digital Strategy, Communication and Public Affairs

  • +15 years experience as an Expat

  • +12 years experience in the Renewable Energy Industry

  • +12 years experience working in a large multinational organisation

  • +5 years experience working in SMEs and Startup companies

  • Expertise in employee experience across culture, leadership, strategy and tools

  • Experienced People Leader

  • Experience Project Manager

  • Experience in Digital Transformation and large digital implementation

  • Experience mentoring entrepreneurs and marketing professionals

My skills and competences include:

Leadership, Employee Experience, People management, Mentoring, Coaching, Digitalization, Strategy, Marketing, Digital Marketing, IT tools roll-out and implementation, Communication, Branding, Co-Branding, Campaigns, People Management, Project Management, Public Affairs, Public Relations, Event planning and execution, Organisational design, Positioning, Segmentation, Budgeting, Content development, SEO, SEM, digital paid media, CMS, DAM, PIM, Sales enablement, Marketing Automation, Data analysis, Statistics, Market Research, Market Intelligence, Customer Insight, Survey Design, Simulation, Optimization, Computer Software, AR, VR,x Intranet, Internet, Training, Hiring, Recruitment, SAP, Java, HTML, VBA, SaaS.





I am a mentor on where I mentor startup founders and people across various business disciplines. Here are some of their testimonials on the mentorship work I do. If you are looking for a mentor, feel free to contact me via this site or using my email in the footer! 


"Laurence is very friendly and helpful. She can understand the challenges I have and give good advice and share her experience. Thanks very much, Laurence!"  

A.  April 2021 


"Laurence has been very amazing, and her experience is just insane ! Really happy of the meeting, I can't wait for the next one."

N.  April 2021


"Laurence in one word is, genuine. You can tell that she really wants to help you clear any doubts that you many have. More importantly she has the knowledge to help you plan to move forward. I really enjoyed my call with Laurence, she was very easy to talk to and explained things very well."  

V.  May 2021 


"My session went super great! Laurence tapped into her vast branding and market research experience to guide me about the potential issues with my brand name. She pointed who I should reach to.. and what are some alternatives I can consider. Immediately after the call, I acted on her advice and uncovered even bigger dangers than what I initially suspected. There were 2 trademarks I could potentially be infringing. Proceeded to speak with lawyers and came up with new brand name ideas all in one day. Wow!" -  P.  May 2021

Marketing expertise

"Laurence knows their stuff forwards and backward. They were kind enough to chat longer than our 30 min (thank you, Laurence!), gave tons of new ways for us to hit our KPIs, and even offered to share more guidance as we look to launch. If you're looking to chat with an expert on social media, marketing automation, repurposing content or just building brand awareness, I highly recommend Laurence!"  

S.  June 2021 

Helping people

Laurence quickly understood and shared her vast array of experience for what I wanted to accomplish for a content strategy plan. Laurence cares about helping people achieve their goals, and this shined through both in our talk and her/ their real LinkedIn and web stories and writing. Thanks again, Laurence, for your help!

A. June 2021

Honest and fun

I absolutely loved talking to Laurence. She is knowledgeable, honest, and fun. This was one of my best sessions, at least one of the most inspiring. Thanks to her, I changed my opinion on the team-building topic and went from frustration to maybe it could be enjoyable. I'll book another session in a second.
@Laurence: Thank you so much again!

V. June 2021

Validation and guidance

All my pain points are validated, and Laurence has given me some great guidance on social experiments that can generate meaningful impact for the company I'm working for. Highly recommend Laurence as a mentor!

R. July 2021

Pitch for investors

Very good talk with Laurence, great speaking to a fellow European. She gave valuable advice in how to pitch our strategy to investors and it was all very valuable. Already looking forward to our next chat :)

D. July 2021

LinkedIn ideas and tweaks

Had a great session with Laurence. Got some neat ideas and practical tweaks that I can make to my approach on LinkedIn which I'm looking forward to trying out. Laurence also brought a really awesome and friendly energy to the call. A great way to end the week, thanks, Laurence!

V. August 2021

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