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I wear the same clothes everyday

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

👔👗 In corporate jobs, many men wear the same (or almost the same) clothes everyday. Although wearing the same clothes everyday reduces stress and decision fatigue, it seems way less common for women to do so. As a woman, I wear the same clothes everyday but I admit that at first I was uncomfortable and worried people would notice and make negative remarks. I guess some societal bias made me believe that as a woman, I needed to have a diverse wardrobe, I needed to care about fashion and I needed to enjoy wearing different outfits. But I really don’t like any of those things! And therefore, I now wear the same clothes everyday and it’s been fantastic to stop worrying about what to wear. It's also been liberating to stop trying on various clothing combinations every morning to figure out what attire would make me feel best for the day. And as I am one of the few women I know who does this, I wanted to make a video on this topic to showcase to other women (and also men) that it’s ok for anyone to wear the same clothes everyday if, like me, you don’t enjoy fashion and a diverse wardrobe. Have no shame and give it a shot. 😉 It’s a very liberating experience. 🆓


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