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⬆️ No one is motivated 100% of the time! We all have ups and downs! ⬇️

⬆️⬇️ Motivation goes up and down! ⬆️⬇️

We all experience fluctuations in motivation, whether at work or in our personal lives. And let's be honest, no one can be motivated 100% of the time! 😉 But how do we manage these cycles and navigate the ups and the downs of motivation? The key is to acknowledge that it's perfectly normal to have highs and lows, and to find small ways to get back on track when possible! But there are more things we can do! Watch my video to hear my thoughts on this topic. Let's break the stigma around discussing motivation, and let's be open about our human experiences. Join me as I talk about how to be kind to ourselves during low moments and what we can do to spark our motivation again.

Leave a comment with your thoughts on motivation and share what you do when you're feeling unmotivated. I'd love to hear your tips and stories. 👇


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