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Mission and what you can do

We will spend over 70.000 hours at work during our lives.

Imagine if we rethought the employee experience (EX) and ensured all employees spent their working hours feeling safe, able to be their true selves and if they knew their contribution mattered! 

Well that's my vision! 


MY MISSION is to transform the employee experience (EX) and make work a better place for people.


  • For far too long, EX has been narrowed down to a subset of HR disciplines and to IT tools and infrastructure.

  • The EX is not about having an intranet and an onboarding program anymore.

  • The EX is EVERYTHING an employee will experience during their employment tenure and it's time to prioritize our employees.


I want work to be a place where everyone can be their one true self, where people can feel safe and where people can find purpose in what they do. Feeling like our work matters should not be something only a few people attain, but it should be the norm for everyone.


But why?

As a millennial leader, I firmly believe that the corporate world needs a change in leadership and we need to transform the employee experience (EX). The management style that has preceded my generation no longer works with today's reality and we need to look at our workforce in a new way.


📊 Interesting data:

  • According to a study by Gallup, managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores.

  • According to Qualtrics, employees whose managers consistently acknowledge them for good work are 5x more likely to stay at the company.

  • According to Qualtrics, 75% of employees who voluntarily left their jobs, said it was because of their manager, not the job itself.

  • Gallup has discovered that 62% of millennials who feel they can talk with their manager about non-work-related issues plan to be with their current organization one year from now.

  • According to Deloitte, 80% of executives rated employee experience important, but only 22% reported that their companies were excellent at building a differentiated employee experience.

The above data points demonstrate how critical management and leadership are to the overall employee experience.

The new reality:
Holistic employee

The EX is everything the employee will experience during their employment tenure. This includes leadership, culture, processes, tools, growth, opportunities, psychological safety, relationships, diversity, work life balance, working remotely, etc.

Tailored positions

Positions and responsibilities should be framed around both the individual (skills and personality) and the tasks at hand. Positions should evolve overtime as individuals grow.

New role models

New leaders struggle to find their place as they lack role models they can identify with. New role models need to be introduced to create a better EX.

Expectations are

Employees' expectations towards employers are changing. Younger generations such as Millennials and Gen Z are asking for more from their employers. They want a more balanced life, for their opinions to matter and to find purpose in the work they do.


Leaders need to understand each of their employee’s motivation, strengths and shortcomings to enable people to thrive and grow. This is a core responsibility to enable a better EX.


There is a need for more leaders to lead with authenticity, empathy, humility and care for their employees. This will enable to transform the EX.

Employees are the competitive advantage

The future of competitivity in the business world lies upon employees. Companies with the right people and skills will thrive and succeed. To recruit, onboard and retain talent, companies need to provide the right EX for all employees.

Soft skills

There is a need to drastically increase the value we attribute to soft skills and emotional intelligence, especially for people in leadership position to enable a better EX.

People first

People should always be put before deliverables.

No questions asked.

But how?

Transforming the employee experience (EX) and the way we lead in the corporate world is no small task.

It will take time and a lot of effort, but I want to be part of the process and part of the solution.

We will change the EX and the way we lead through multiple steps and efforts, such as:

Image by Austin Chan


Create awareness around the EX, its importance, the new expectations and the need to change the way we lead.

Image by Akson


Start, stimulate and contribute to the discussion and debate around the transformation of the EX and the change in leadership required in the corporate world.

Image by NASA


Build a network of thought leaders and of corporations that have already embraced the change to show examples of success and that the change is not only inevitable, but possible.

Image by Jo Szczepanska


Map and present new EX models across various industries and company types to inspire and motivate companies to take the leap and improve their EX.

Image by Dylan Gillis


Create courses and trainings to help leaders understand the importance of the EX, empathy, humility and care in leadership.

Image by The Climate Reality Project


Create courses and training programs for HR department so they are better equipped to transform the EX across their organisation. 

taylorjamesphotos Shelbey (12.27_edited.


Present new leadership role models to new and experienced leaders to challenge the status quo and help shape the next generation of leadership.

Image by Rinke Dohmen


Coach leaders to help them increase their self-awareness, understand their employees and help them provide a more holistic EX.

What am I doing so far?

Although I am only at the beginning of this journey, I am already pushing hard to promote this change. For now, I am doing so through three key activities:

Laurence Paquette


Through my current role as a People Leader in a large organisation where I promote the EX and showcase a different way to lead my team.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Through my role as a mentor for startup entrepreneurs, I am focusing on leadership management and the importance of the employee experience.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Through my content creation, I am engaging and discussing the need for leadership change and a transformation of the EX in the corporate world.

If you are not already following me on LinkedIn, I invite you do so here: Laurence Paquette LinkedIn.

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What am I doing?
What can you do?
What can you do?

Does my vision and mission appeal to you?

Do you also see a need to transform the employee experience?

Do you also see a need to change the way we lead in the corporate world?

Do you also believe people should feel safe at work, that we should put people before deliverables and that everyone should be able to see that their contribution matters? 

If so, join me! 


You can join in two ways:

Don't be shy, everyone can take part! I am waiting to hear from you!

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