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Why you shouldn't care so much about what people think of you

We care a lot about what people think of us, even when we try not to we still care.

But let me be honest with you and tell you the truth:

You will die. Everyone who sees you and knows you will die. So you shouldn’t care too much as everything is only temporary. And someday no one will remember what you did and who you were. And in addition to this, everyone thinks that the spotlight is on them and that everyone is looking at them. But honestly, it’s not…You are at the center of your own world and everyone’s opinion of yourself is subjective. No one has the ONE right opinion about you…For example, some people really don’t like me or my content… And I have to learn and accept that it’s ok…Because all of this is only temporary. So believe in yourself. And remember that you are only important for a few people. And you shouldn’t stop yourself from doing anything because you fear other people’s opinion…

It’s not worth it.


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