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Dare to ask

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

My daughter on stage
My daughter on stage

My family 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 and I spent one week of our summer holidays at a resort in Greece 🇬🇷. Every night, at this resort, there is a show for children where a few selected kids get to go up on stage to pull on a gigantic lever. It’s nothing special, but for my 6 years old daughter, getting on stage to pull the lever has been fueling each day with anticipation and hope. She attended each evening show with her hopes high and left every evening with a smile saying that may be tomorrow will be the day. I’m envious of her hopeful enthusiasm for sure!

At dinner, on our second to last night, my daughter saw the two hosts of the show and although she was extremely shy and star struck (they are big stars according to the children of the resort), she dared go over to say hi. Not only did she introduce herself, but she also told them how she wished to get on stage that night or the following as she’d be heading home afterwards. I am not exaggerating when I say that it took her all of her courage to dare approach the resort stars and talk to them. And her courage paid off as two hours later she was picked to get on stage and pull the famous lever. She was so proud of herself and talked about it repeatedly for days, but she was not only proud of herself for getting on stage but for daring to talk to the hosts in the first place.

My daughter reminded me of an important fact during our summer holidays: getting out of your comfort zone and daring to ask for something you want is important. It might be hard but you don’t lose for trying. You gain courage and sometimes you even get what you wanted. I hope my daughter never loses her ability to dare and her hopeful enthusiasm. ❤️


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