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Being a new leader

👩‍💼 When I first became a new manager, I didn't do well. I thought I had to play a role and fit the people manager stereotype I had created in my head. I thought I had to be strong, serious, stern, focus and not smile too much... I wasn't a good manager and I didn't like it at all because it wasn't me at all... I spent quite a bit of time understanding how to be good at leading other people and being me at the same time. And what I have learned is that I can lead people and be myself. I can share my vulnerabilities, my anxieties, my doubts, my concerns, my happiness, my successes and I can smile a lot and I can still be a credible leader...

If you are new to people management or if you are struggling with it, just remember that being yourself is the best way to go at it...


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